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3D Visualisations


3D Visualisations

At Roomzly, we can help you visualise your exterior and interior design ideas in photorealistic 3D renders to convey the desired mood and atmosphere. 3D interior visualisation makes it easy to visualise everything before construction begins: the layout of rooms, zoning, materials, textures, colours, lighting, furniture, and decor options.


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Whether you are a homeowner, architect, designer, or property manager, we can be your primary partner in 3D visualisations and 3D architectural animations.

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3D Exterior Visualisations

With the ability to provide a realistic and immersive experience, 3D exterior renders offer the perfect solution for presenting any architectural project in a way that truly captures its essence. The breathtaking views of the exterior allow your clients to fully envision themselves in the space before it even exists. By incorporating exterior 3D renders into your work process, you’ll be able to demonstrate the full potential of your project and provide your clients with a truly unforgettable experience. So why settle for anything less when you can take your project to the next level with the power of 3D renders?


3D Interior Visualisations

Roomzly can help you visualise your interior design ideas in photorealistic 3D renders to convey the desired mood and atmosphere. You can do the impossible with 3D interior renderings: show room layouts, zoning, materials, textures, colours, lighting, furniture, decor options, etc. As 3D renders make it easier to identify potential pitfalls and allow making changes to the design before implementing it, they can streamline your project workflow and avoid rework at a later stage. You can trust our professional and friendly design team at Roomzly to complete your tasks on time and on budget.


3D Animations

With Roomzly, you can bring your real estate projects to life with stunning, high-quality 3D animations. Instead of looking at dozens of renders, take a virtual architectural tour instead. The realistic nature of our architectural animations will allow you to get a complete feel for the project. It will also serve as a powerful sales tool when it comes to conveying the space and project to your client.


Keeping track of your project is easy


References & Mood boards

Learning about the project is the first step in developing 3D visualisations. We’ll need as much information from you as possible, including sketches, layouts, CAD files, drawings, references and concepts. Don’t worry if you don’t have specific information, we’ll figure it out together. Our team can also develop the overall concept and style of the project.


First 3D model draft

Developing a 3D model of the exterior or interior is the first step in creating a 3D render. At this stage, it is essential to incorporate feedback from clients or stakeholders throughout the process to ensure that their vision is being realised.


Texturing & Corrections

After we receive your specifications and feedback, we apply colours and textures to the 3D model. For your vision to come to life, our designers work with a variety of surface finishes, including gloss, matte, pattern, and roughness.


Final corrections & Post-production

By utilising advanced software and techniques, our team can create stunning and accurate representations of both interior and exterior spaces. Whether it’s a commercial property, residential development, or product design, your 3D visualisations will help clients showcase their ideas in a way that is both captivating and informative.


Frequently Asked Questions

3D renders look like real images when created by CGI artists using professional software. Architecturally speaking, these are images of unbuilt buildings’ interiors and exteriors.

Please provide detailed descriptions and plans of the areas you are interested in illustrating. It would be helpful if you could provide images of the surfaces of the materials, the roughness of the surfaces, and the desired reflections, as well as any appropriate planes, elevations, and cross-sections.

No. It suffices to have plans in 2D DWG format. However, we will better understand the geometry of the project by using the existing 3D model as a starting point for our 3D model. Optimizing rendering settings requires rebuilding the model from scratch.

There are many factors that influence the cost of 3D rendering services, such as the scope of work, the detail in the renderings, the number of views, and the resolution. Request a price estimate for your project by contacting us.

We offer 2 rounds of correction free of charge for any edits made during the editing process. Before approving the next step, make sure that you are happy with the current state of the project. If you make any changes later, returning to those steps, such as changing the lighting or moving the camera, you may incur additional charges.

The turnaround time is influenced by a number of factors, including the type and quality of information provided, the complexity, the number of vantage points, and the project’s specific features. For a more accurate estimate of how long your order will take to complete, please fill out our website’s contact form. Our experts will consider all your needs and provide you with an accurate estimate.

With interactive systems, we can keep clients updated on progress and share recommendations. A thorough, in-house quality check is also conducted by our project managers before sending the project for revision.


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