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Top 7 Interior Design Trends for 2021

We all know the saying, New Year, New You, but what about the place you live in? It may not need to be a new home entirely, but it could simply be a refresh with 2021 Interior Design Trends. After everything the world has gone through in 2020, we have all been spending much more time at home. We have learnt to really love, appreciate and cherish the home we live in. It is no longer the place one merely sleeps at night, but it’s also our office space, our restaurant and our personal gym.

To help you refresh your space and start 2021 anew, we have put together some interior design trends for 2021.

Colourful Patterns and Luxury

Colour is a big trend for 2021, as well as the use of different materials including marble, wood, and copper. Ensure you lookout for furniture that combines multiple and different materials, for example, a marble table with copper covering. When thinking about these pieces, further contemplate the colour of your wall that you can set these statement pieces against.

  • Emerald, cobalt, burnt orange, and mustard yellow are all colours that will quickly gain popularity in 2021. Whilst we are all spending more time indoors, these earthy colours evoke a sense of calm and comfort. Not only are these colours comforting, but they are also inviting. They can be used for anything in your home, ranging from sofa colour, wall colour, or even an additional accent such as pillows and throws.
  • On the contrary, there is talk of grey as a prominent colour for furniture to bring a neutral feeling into our homes. This, in turn, helps us remain connected to the modern world while spending more time at home.
  • Naval is considered the new “must-have” for creating elegant spaces, to style a calm and contemporary look. Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2021 shows a shift towards tranquil yet modern interiors with colours such as Aegean Teal to promote peace and calm. Other blue colour trends poised to be popular, range from soft aqua blue to darker tones.

Contemporary and Artisanal Furniture

When the Architectural Digest did a recent survey on Interior Design Trends for 2021, 31% of respondents chose contemporary as their style of choice out of a total of 14 options. There is an increased interest in making purchases from contemporary and artisanal designers, including a more industrial design style – particularly in hybrid homes that combine different styles, such as modern and cottage style.

What is even more important is to consider functionality when selecting new furniture pieces. Our homes will become increasingly multifunctional, so it is important to choose furniture that works in the existing space. People are selecting pieces that give a sense of division, between, for example, a living and a newly created home office. These could be anything from room dividers, fold-down desks, and chairs that are aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and ergonomic. If your space is limited, choose chairs that could double up as an extra dining chair.

Light Woods

This Interior Design Trend is not just to be used for the floor, but on walls and ceilings too. This particular use of wood is perfect for decorating multipurpose spaces in your home, in order to bring a raw aesthetic to your space. When combined with more vibrant colours, it can create an especially beautiful contrast! Although the two themes are somewhat different, together, they help to reinforce a feeling of more space and create a sense of a bigger room.

According to Modsy, the rise of light tones of wood is due to people’s newfound love of minimalism, quite common in Scandinavian and Japanese décor.

Sustainable Modern Designs

Nowadays, people are becoming more environmentally conscious, which is why 2021 will showcase an increased interest in the use of furniture made from reusable materials. Be on the lookout for furniture and pieces that use natural fibres that are sourced sustainably, and more importantly, it is best to invest in quality pieces that can be kept for years to come.

There is a shift towards people wanting to invest in items which are luxury yet functional. We like to call this livable luxury, which is both chic and comfortable.

The same sentiment goes for décor this year, whereby people will be turning towards more naturally sourced fabrics, including jute carpets and organic fibre pillows.

Statement Pieces

Statement pieces not only help to bring the whole look of your home together, but they are also a strong talking point and add an elevated look to your interiors. Of course, depending on the current style of your home, you might choose a new modern art piece or a statement lamp to amplify the elegance of your home.  Alternatively, you could go the other direction and bring vintage pieces into your modern home.

Make sure that when choosing your pieces, select an item that has significance to you and has a story. With the 1980s décor making a comeback, you can easily choose a few luxe elements such as rich fabrics and statement lights, to bring an old school vibe into your modern home.’

We expect clients choosing more artisanal pieces made from natural materials, that can evoke an old-school vibe and creates an aesthetic impact.

Bringing Nature inside our Homes

Since lighter and sustainably sourced woods are a big Interior Design Trend for our homes in 2021, these trends also help up feel more connected to the outside world. Why not take it a step further and add more greenery to your home. Greenery always adds an enhanced sense of calm and tranquillity, which when combined with neutral colour palettes, furniture, and wall paint, can make the space even more inviting.

It goes without saying that we are all dreaming of distant getaways, where we can escape from our daily routines. However, this vibe can be increasingly recreated in our homes, by simply adding a floral or tropical bright wallpaper. With the clever placement of wallpaper or a feature wall, coupled with the correct tranquil colour, we can easily be whisked away to a faraway place.

The benefit of adding greenery and plants to our homes is not only to bring vibrancy and colour but also to reduce pollutants in the air and release additional oxygen.

Modern Rustic Elements

Since more homes this year will feature sustainably sourced items, what better way to accomplish this trend, than to source vintage and rustic pieces.

They help us feel connected to our past and demonstrate how we have evolved. It also teaches us to re-love and re-use older pieces, with the intention to live more sustainably.

This rustic style stimulates comfort with a touch of contemporaneity. Look for pieces with texture or wood elements to them and ensure that they do not look perfect and sleek. It works even better if you already have rustic elements in your home, such as exposed wood beams or wooden floors.

It is a timeless trend, which evokes old school vibes. Consider going on an adventure and finding a preloved handwoven rug or an imperfectly restored mirror. The more it has a sense that it has been lived with, the better the piece!

What are your thoughts on the top trends for 2021? Will you attempt to bring any of these into your home in 2021?

Feel free to reach out if you need any support or guidance!

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