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Ten Commandments for Home Spa

The bathroom is one of the most utilised places in a home. A space that’s often designed in a purely “basic” scheme to cater to one’s “basic” needs. A bathroom can truly become more than that! Why not make this room a personalised therapeutic centre of the home, a sanctuary where one can replenish and renew the mind, body and spirit? Can you imagine indulging in a spa-style retreat – created just for you? Rest assured, you can! Designing your own personal spa bath can become a refreshing reality when applying these ten inspirational techniques!

Reclaim Your Space

It’s all about creating a bath retreat that will intimately define you. Make it a space in your home where you’ll absolutely love to spend time! Seek a design scheme that reflects your design vision and personal needs. This can be done by visualising how you want your space to appear, the ambience you wish for it to exude and how you will function in it. Make sure you reserve enough space for the bathroom and use creative yet functional solutions for the layout of utilities in order to achieve the best possible end result. There are various free applications online to help you to design your space, like this by Roomstyler.

Re-define Your Decor

How do you want your space to appear? You can start by envisioning a design style. What style will offer you daily inspiration? The good news is, any design style that you choose can be soothed into a spa-like atmosphere by integrating therapeutic elements to your overall scheme. You can rely on sensual materials, forms, textures and finishes for achieving the look and feel of a spa! Use mood boards to bring your ideas and likes together, e.g. Canva offers one free tool for this.

Refresh Your Colour Scheme

Select a colour palette that will reflect your vision. Colours can be therapeutic as well as inspired by nature. Hues within the green spectrum symbolise nature’s healing and vitality elements. Soft sky blues evoke inner peace and tranquillity. Floral roses and lavenders create serenity. Pastel yellow resonates the sunset, while misty grey relaxes and cools the ambience. To help you to choose the right colour and shade, you can use different applications designed for this purpose. For example, Dulux offers a Paint Colour Visualiser tool where you can paint the space with the chosen colour.

Revitalise Your Ambience

How do you want your space to feel? Ideas for creating ambience in your spa will flow with the tranquillity of a waterfall, sensuous bath oils, lush foliage or a collection of seashells or stones. Aromatherapy can be appointed to ignite the senses with colourful scented candles, oils, incense, diffusers or potpourri. The fragrances of lavender and rose will produce calming effects while citrus is an essence that invigorates the soul. Eucalyptus oil, natural soaps, loofah brushes, sea salts, aloe and other natural ingredients can be displayed in hand-woven baskets or earthen clay pottery for daily renewal. Accessories to achieve the desired ambience can be purchased online from any home stores or even local hypermarkets. Just make sure to choose good quality products that are meant for the space in hand. For example Zara Home provides beautiful range with affordable prices.

Refine Your Furnishings

How do you want your spa to function? Designing with minimal furniture and accessories will allow you to flow throughout your space. If you benefit from a moderate to large size bathroom, consider creating a relaxation corner in your space for quiet activities, personal reflection and yoga. Cushions can be placed on the floor for relaxed seating. A small table for displaying candles, incense, a Zen garden and other accessories can accompany this intimate corner. If you have an expansive amount of space, creating an area for exercise will be an asset.

Re-enhance Your Lighting

Lighting when paired with colour, affects the ambience of a room. Enhance your space with ambient lighting to create tranquillity. Fixtures can consist of LED for energy efficiency and hanging pendant and light bars for diffusing light. Sconces and floor lamps provide great supplements. Fragrant candles or a small lamp accenting your colour scheme can be placed on your vanity. Flame-less battery-operated candles are a safe “look-a-like” that provide the same soothing glow. Whilst creating your spa retreat, keep in mind the functionality of it all in an everyday use as well. So consider and combine fixtures that provide the above but also can provide you with bright light when so needed.

Revamp Your Flooring

Select flooring that’s comfortable, water resistant and easy maintenance. Although natural stone flooring tends to be hard and cool to walk on, they are easy to maintain and offer an aesthetic that will complement most design styles. Wood floors introduce a warm and welcoming approach to a room. Lush deep pile accent rugs can be employed to soften the flooring while providing warmth, comfort and colour accent to the overall scheme.

Reorganise Your Space

Bathroom storage is an essential element for maintaining organisation and maximising space. Avoid clutter by storing linens, toiletries, medication, cleaning supplies and other necessities in a cabinet out of view until needed. Soft sumptuous towels, robes and slippers can be displayed in handwoven baskets. Wall mounted baskets are great for storing magazines, books and music media. Floating wall shelves and furniture style cabinets can make the most out of available space.

Renew Your Resources

Decorating with reclaimed wood helps to conserve nature. Bath features made from cedar and cypress wood are renewable materials that emit aromatic fragrance when coming into contact with heat. When researching items for your bath or sauna, consider those that are highly durable and respond well to environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

Replenish with Nature

Look for inspiration in nature and invite the outdoors in. Plants not only beautify a space, but they also replenish the air by producing oxygen and air purification in promoting health and wellness. Plants add the finishing touch to a decor. Their soft textures and shapes will counter the linear lines and hard surfaces of furnishings. Select plants that enjoy a warm, moist environment as that of the fern, palm, African violet and orchid. Researching your foliage will ensure its compatibility with natural and artificial light.

Have fun transforming your space into a spa bath oasis!

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