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Our renovation service goes one step further in enhancing your property – beyond interior design. We also help reshape and restructure homes by improving the architecture of your living space. Whether you’re looking to convert a loft into a more useable space, or fancy adding an extension to the back of your house, we’ll make sure the space is functional, efficient and within budget.

Sometimes, a property requires solutions that go beyond interior design. Making the most out of your space can mean reshaping it altogether so that it becomes practical, functional and more efficient. For example, you may have an empty loft that only serves purpose as a hoarder’s paradise, or a garage that’s become a derelict space for storing items you’ll probably never use. Roomzly’s renovation service helps turn around and repurpose such spaces so that they’re maximised to their full potential – and in turn, drive up the financial value of your property.

For many homeowners with a growing family, adding space to their existing home is a much more economical option than buying a new property altogether. Our team of in-house renovation experts provide impartial advice, architectural design and planning, and full implementation of a variety of building and home remodelling projects such as house extensions, loft conversions, and additional bathrooms, that are well-designed, within budget and make the most of what you already have.


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