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Marvellous Marble

Who would ever think that marble is one of the most marvellous stones used for home interiors today? The ancient Greeks and Romans knew this fact first hand when they constructed a variety of art forms with marble – from massive building structures to small sculptures that continue to earn global admiration. When we dig into the origin of marble, we discover it offers a variety of colour choices that lie deep in the limestone deposits where white marble is mined from pure calcite, red marble inherits its hue from hematite and green and yellow marble from limonite. The higher the grade of marble, the fewer veins appear in its overall composition. Marble defines many unique characteristics that make its selection limitless.

Marble is making a big “comeback” the world over. The timeless beauty and functionality of marble have led to modern day creation of countertops, walls and floor treatments. Stark white marble on kitchen countertops creates the look of mere cleanliness and classicism. Marble floors have preserved its symbolism of royalty and wealth where it can be used in entrances, living rooms, kitchens, hallways, bedrooms and baths. Showers installed in sleek marble slab has made a huge splash in the design industry. Marble introduces a classic and elegant touch in accessories from exquisite hand curated furniture to candle holders, vases and other accent pieces. While marble accessories come in diverse styles and use, they lend less maintenance and care compared to their interior architectural counterparts.

Advantages in choosing Marble for the home

  • Longest lasting countertop stone available
  • Elegant, distinctive and classic appearance elevates the look-and-feel of space
  • Mineral composition makes every slab beautifully unique and suitable for a variety of tastes and design styles
  • Available in a wide variety of colours and shades making it easy to mix and match colour schemes
  • Stone’s translucent nature emits a beautiful glow when exposed to sunlight
  • Density makes it an appropriate choice for flooring that will withstand high traffic use
  • Heat resistance makes it a popular choice for countertops, islands, vanities and fireplace surrounds
  • Accepts high dosage of polish whereas other natural stones can get damaged
  • Eco-friendly – as a natural stone does not require chemical processing compared to synthetic flooring
  • Stone’s energy of mother nature creates an ethereal and calming effect
  • Good investment as long as it’s well maintained and properly cared for
  • Increases value of a home

Disadvantages in choosing Marble for the home

  • Expensive stone
  • Creates high maintenance for countertops, flooring and other design applications
  • Due to marble’s porous and soft stone, it’s vulnerable to staining, chipping, scratches
  • Naturally discolours and develops a patina over time due to oxidation
  • Prone to permanent stains when coming in contact with acidic substances as that of wine coffee, and tea
  • Scratches are highly apparent on darker coloured marble
  • Standing water on the floor can lead to staining and discolouring the marble
  • Must be sealed each year to preserve its refined finish and to limit staining and denting caused by the weight of heavy furniture or foot traffic

It is well worth taking the time to research and explore all the attributes of marble before digging into your personal finances. You may find the beauty, benefits and cost of marble outweighs its disadvantages. There’s a lot to consider, yet with a little ingenuity and knowledge in selecting the right colour, design, shapes and finishes, you can create a marvellous marble statement in your home. One that you can stand back and absolutely marvel at!

At Roomzly, we are always here to help you to plan and make your dream home come true, with the right materials and colours.

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