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Many Eyes – Many Styles

When it comes to designing a home, there are many styles from which to choose. Discovering a style that truly defines you can often be a challenge. Here are some style trends that may enlighten your vision and bring it into clearer view!

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian, a design style that emerged in the early 20th century is still trending today with its universal appeal of clean lines and functional minimalism. Scandinavian is a hallmark of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland. If you’re seeking to create a Scandinavian theme, it offers the perfect blank canvas for neutral colour palettes with soothing pastel accents. You can achieve this timeless and relaxed look by selecting a few furniture pieces designed in simplistic forms, clean lines with smooth wood grains and place them in an organised layout. Visual interest can be created by introducing nature inspired accents as that of snarled twig picture frames and baskets, sculptural branches displayed in concrete urns or on tabletops. Integrate soft organic throws and thick woven rugs to meet contrast with metallic accents and minimalist style window coverings.

Visit the Italianbark to learn more about some of the top Scandinavian design brands to know now.

Industrial Style

The Industrial Style originated out of the Industrial Era at the turn of the century where its distinction was seen in old warehouses and distilleries. This chic urban vibe has now transcended into the modern home and converted loft spaces. Creating the Industrial theme takes tight editing where architectural elements are mindfully appointed to high ceilings featuring exposed steel ducts, beams and pipes. Taking centre stage is an open architectural plan with flooring designed in restored wood planks, terracotta tile or concrete slab work. Walls are featured in raw concrete or the traditional brick and mortar. The key to industrial design is to highlight your natural architectural elements and then work the design scheme around it. This style exhibits a neutral colour scheme with bold accents and slightly masculine furniture comprised of rustic wood, metal and leather with coarse textured upholstery. Accessories feature unfinished metals and raw, reclaimed materials in wood, tile and leather. Light fixtures in low hanging pendants, warehouse inspired floor and table lamps and string lighting resonates the theme. Introducing minimal accessories of heavy woven textiles that echo bold colours and patterns will complement the imperfection and beauty of its natural elements!

Moroccan Style

A North African style that evokes pure energy and excitement! You can experience a wealth of creativity in mixing and matching the vibrant colours, textures, shapes and patterns. Its theme depicts bold jewel tones of royal blues, tamarind orange, emerald greens and golds. The stark beauty of white textured walls remain understated as not to compete with the intriguing interplay of mosaic tiles, terracotta urns, metal lanterns, handwoven baskets and intricate wood carved accents. You can intermarry coarsely woven textiles in bold, brilliant colours for upholstery, seat and pillow cushions. Select furniture pieces in darker woods that lean more on the masculine side, along with nomadic Berber style rugs in striking hues to soften your ceramic tile or wood flooring. You’ll find creating this theme truly stretches the imagination far across the continent! Visit for example House Beautiful to see 10 ways to execute the style in your home.

Country Style

The look and feel of Country symbolise rustic elegance and charm. A design that’s rooted in the simplicity of American rural living, portrays a vintage theme that can easily be implemented into the scheme of things. Country embraces fluffy white textiles, soft floral, bold plaids, stripes and gingham. It is characteristic of “handmade” where one’s inspired to personalise the decor with their own curated accents! The wood furniture you choose should be country rustic and primitive in style which can easily be found at antique shops and flea markets. Country is a style that forgives the appearance of clutter by inspiring the overuse of accessories as that of brass pieces, ceramics, dried herb filled woven baskets, quilts, hand braided rugs and family artefacts that exude a feeling of comfort, warmth and tradition!

Mediterranean Style

A style that’s inspired from the lively coastal regions of Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy. Your colour cues can be taken from the Mediterranean seascape symbolising Baltic blues and crimson greens. Natural terracotta, mineral gold and lavender can be borrowed from its colourful landscape. Furniture chosen for this theme typically reflect ornately carved wooden pieces that are moderate to heavy in scale with turned legs and feet and cabinetry adorned with heavy metal hardware. Wall treatments are traditionally of white textured stucco. Ceilings popularly display dark wooden beams and floors of terracotta tile or wooden planks. A dramatic textile interplay of striking colours and geometric patterns can be created to accentuate walls, floors, furniture upholstery and pillows. Summarise your theme by embellishing with brass candle holders, handwoven baskets and terracotta urns!

Minimalist Style

The minimalist design trend began in the 20th century. Its mantra, “less is more” offers many benefits. If you’re seeking a design that defines simplistic beauty, clean elegance, visual organisation and spatial expansiveness – this may be the style for you! In the minimalist design the focus is to use only elements that are necessary in your space where every detail count. Colours typical of this style are neutrals, white, cream, black, grey, muted salmon and greyish green. You can celebrate your home’s architectural features by designing around them. Introduce just a few furniture pieces in moderate scale and create your layout with the idea of function over form. Maintain space between your furniture to breathe as it will allow your eyes to appreciate the intricate details of every element in the room. Accessorise with bare essentials to create an art gallery effect by maintaining blank white spaces between your appointed artwork to emphasise specific elements over others. In creating the minimalist style, envision that the end result is greater than the sum of its parts! Wikihow offers simple step-by-step instructions for creating this style in your home.

You can always also combine styles and trends. Havenly offers a free Quiz to help you define your style.

At Roomzly, we can bring you vision into life and help you to create a home that looks like you.

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