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How Covid – 19 Changed the Way We Style Our Home

Home Offices, Greenery and Clever Use of Space.

2020 was the year that we all stayed at home. However, 2021 may turn out to be not too different. The only caveat is that now we are more accustomed to this new reality and possibly better equipped for how we live our lives in our home 24/7.

If we have learnt anything from 2020, it is that we must truly love the home we live in. Many of us, turned to began styling our home and partaking in DIY projects, as well as starting to think about home renovation and improving home décor. This led to home styling and interior design becoming increasingly popular in 2020, and we helped many clients optimise the space and increase functionality of the existing homes.

But HOW have people changed the way they see their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic? Read on to find out the latest trends in real estate requirements, as well as functionality and style.

General Home Space and Size

Before the Pandemic, people were rarely at home, and having a nice apartment meant that they could easily lock it up whenever they travelled. But now there is a real shift towards people wanting to live in individual houses. As it turns out, living in a house gives you more space, something that many of us craved for during the lock-down. You can enjoy your garden or courtyard, even if it is small and you can slowly build an oasis for you to spend your free time in.

For places where socialising is allowed, a home offers a space for meeting with friends, making a BBQ and even having some closed off privacy. In addition, a house offers one’s own entrance, reducing unnecessary contact with neighbours.

In terms of furniture choices, people have realised that they should be investing in timeless, high-quality pieces, which will stand the test of time. We noticed also that our clients have started to give a lot more attention to the planning of their homes, and to enjoy living more sustainably.  This shift has come about due to the fact that we recognise that essentially we require less in our life to be truly happy, and that by having the ultimate dream home and some nice pieces of furniture, it actually is a long time aspiration for many.

Home Offices

Most of us are currently working from home, and we have got accustomed to Zoom meetings. Either by choice or due to regulations, being home based has come as a shock for many, and all of us (particularly the Extroverts types) desperately miss that morning coffee with our colleagues.

People no longer want a small desk, squeezed in the corner of their living room, and some have opted in to convert their spare bedroom into a home office. Careful consideration is given to the type of chair they use, which particular blackout curtains stop distraction and noise, and personal touches will be added, in terms of gallery walls, paint colour and chic desk designs. Since it is usually a separate room, some people experience increased productivity by working at home as there are limited distractions from other people. On the other hand, discipline is key not get side-tracked by tasks at home. Having a home office is the opportunity to add your own style to the living space, so much so that you may not want to leave it once the world goes back to the way it was before.

If you don’t have space room, many people turn to repurposing space in their living area or even in a master bedroom to create a dedicated nook for working from home by using partitioning and clear ways to create zoning in small areas.

Gardens & Outdoor Spaces

It is human nature that not being able to go outdoors makes us want to be outdoors even more. That is why there has been a big shift towards the importance of outdoor space. This could mean your own outdoor area or simply being close to a park. Having a garden becomes your own at-home sanctuary for child’s play, relaxing and entertaining. It is becoming a source of pride to millennials with families, as our weekend chores now consist of working on the garden and being more connected with nature.

Being outside in our garden surrounded by greenery is also therapeutic and a good escape from sitting behind a laptop all day. You can be one with nature and listen to birds sing or even feel the sun on your skin. Vitamin D is important, after all, in protecting against Covid-19.

Many people also choose to add greenery in the form of plants and even wallpaper, inside their homes, as it evokes a sense of calm and zen. Maybe that is why Greenery in our homes is one of the top interior design trends for 2021.


The kitchen for many has always been the heart of a home, but with Covid-19 in our lives, this statement is even more true. People will progressively make small amends to their kitchen, whether it be investing in new sets of crockery and cooking pans, altering knobs on cupboards, or even breaking whole walls down to increase the space.

The thought of kitchen renovation can seem daunting. However, it can increase the value of your home, while at the same time make use of the space for cooking, entertaining, spending family time, and also home-schooling kids because we all know that the kids mostly get homework done when parents are nearby.

Talking of home-schooling being mostly done out of the kitchen, many people are looking for simple things like sockets and the source of lighting in their kitchen. This now turns the kitchen area into a space where all family members can work on laptops while at the same time having adequate lighting.

When it comes to family time and entertaining at home, people finally realise the importance of a good dining area, with functional table shapes, comfortable chairs, and easy access to the kitchen.

Home Décor

2020 brought with it the rise of Zoom Meetings. Conference calls are now used for daily team catch-ups, to chatting with family and friends. Many people have been known to put a smart jacket on top, while they have relaxed trousers and house slippers underneath, but what about the rest of your surroundings? People are becoming increasingly aware of the background of their Zoom calls. Some may have a vast bookcase, while others may be forced to sit in their kitchen with the cupboards and messiness behind them.

Many now comprehend the importance of having their home as a reflection of their personality and, one would often want to be proud of what your colleagues or clients can see.

In terms of photos, people started to actively print and frame photos of their family members rather than simply looking at them on their mobile. Something about seeing these photos daily, makes us feel further connected to them, even though quarantines and travel restrictions may separate us.

Gradually, people will recognize the importance of soft furnishings such as pillows and throws to make our homes more snug and more atmospheric. Along with this shift in décor, we also see the addition of vases with real or dry flowers to match your style. No matter what anyone says, flowers almost instantly make you smile as soon as you see them. And there is no harm in adding something to your home to brighten up your day!

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