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Commercial projects.

In addition to residential projects, Roomzly works with an array of businesses to develop interior design concepts and visualisations to help transform the interiors of commercial spaces, including hotels, restaurants and offices. Private residence isn’t the only type of property we develop interior design concepts for. Roomzly also works with businesses that need the right inspiration, knowledge, and experience to transform the inside of new or existing spaces used by clients and customers.

From hotel bedrooms to hotel lobbies, office workspaces to reception areas of multi-national corporations, our design concepts follow the same principle: creating spaces that combine style, luxury and functionality to serve modern living. Whether your interiors need a simple decoration refresh to feel more inviting to customers, or you’re working with a completely blank slate and don’t know your olive green from your sage, Roomzly can save you time, hassle and confusion in creating the look and feel you didn’t know you wanted. Take a look at some of our previous work.


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