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Christmas Holiday Table Themes

As the season is upon us, do you find yourself aspiring for ways to make your table decor the centre of holiday conversation? Creating a tablespace from theme to decoration can be fun, interactive and spirited! How so? You can “talk it up” with these festive ideas that are not only in season for the holidays but can remain as your table topic all year long!

Design Your Theme in Classic Tradition

If preserving tradition is your style, here are some classic ideas that deserve attention! The traditional style dining table, no matter the shape, classically appeals to this theme. Colour schemes can be designed in an elegant black and gold, magical wintry white or nostalgic red and green. Introduce table runners and placemats in your accent colours. Tablescapes can be featured with tall, tapered candles or winter fruit displayed on 3-tiered silver cake stands. You can bring nostalgia to your table with old style mason jars filled with cranberries and juniper. Fresh garland or pine branches can run the full length of a long rectangular dining table with small gold votive lamps that whisper soft glow to the overall scheme.

Consider “grab bagging it” with gift size brown paper bags that you can hand paint with glitter and white winter scenes to be filled with fresh pine cones or other small gifts. Tie up your paper bags with decorative twine strung through a small guest card – an idea that can double as a place setting. This is a table topic that is sure to continue “for old time sake!”

Design Your Theme with Existing Room Decor

If your space displays a wonderful decorating theme already – why not “keep the conversation going” by carrying it over to your holiday table! As inspiration, let’s say your room is designed in a Mediterranean theme. You would continue this theme that’s known for its brilliant jewel tones and mosaic patterns for your dinnerware, candles and other table accessories. Your table linen can be chosen to reflect Mediterranean colours and patterns that resonate in your existing decor. Adding touches of red and green for napkins, napkin rings and fresh greenery will underscore the holiday season!

Design Your Theme with International Flair

Let this holiday season take you across the globe! Decide on a country where you enjoyed visiting or have visions of travelling as the focal point of your table’s theme. Create the country’s theme by integrating hints of colours, patterns, textures and styles, mixing and matching with cultural flavour and exciting intention! This theme will feature beautifully on any style table. The key is to balance the amount of decor with the size of your table. If you’re not sure what decorative elements go into creating the design, you can research the country and pull out the inspirations you’d like to display in your theme. Creating an international design adventure will take your guests on an exciting journey in your holiday discussions!

Design Your Theme with Unique Non-Traditional Colours

Tradition has it that colour schemes designed in red and green are truly symbolic of the holiday. Who says this has to be so in today’s design millennium? It’s time to be innovative and let your table’s colour theme create a statement all its own! The modern style dining table is most complementary to this theme, yet it will welcome the traditional style as well. Have fun with selecting colours that express the inner you. Your table’s colour theme need not compete with a topic matter, just keep it simple and focused and then place everything into perspective. Dare to convey your signature colours and let it become the topic that ignites the spirit of the season!

Design Your Theme with Child’s Vision

The holiday season is always a special time with family. Why not let the children join into the conversation with holiday expressions created through their own artwork? Children can get into the holiday spirit with planning what the tablescape will look like. Once they’ve come up with a design theme, you can guide them in creating and implementing their vision! And don’t forget about the pets, they’re part of the family too! You can add an accent or two to the theme that symbolises them! One of the fun things about this theme is that it can playfully be displayed on any style of table. Just make sure you leave room enough for the tableware so you can centre your holiday talk around the visions of the entire family!

You can find fun napkin folding ideas online like featured by Martha Stewart.

Design Your Theme with Ancestral Heritage

Your personal story can be the centre of your table’s conversation. As keeper of your heritage, this table theme can display ways you’ve preserved the family legacy with nostalgic photos, keepsake memorabilia, heirloom linens, vintage candle holders and dishware. You can create place setting cards that feature an ancestral portrait along with their name for the theme. Draping a vintage blanket over a traditional style wooden table to serve as a tablecloth will spark interest through the visions of your family history. This is an insightful way to invite guests to sit around the holiday table and share your life story!

Photos can be edited online free with tools like this from Fotor and frames can easily be made to look rustic and distressed with these easy instructions from Blesser House.

Design Your Theme with Nature

Inspirations for creating a holiday table are plentiful when discovered right outside your doorstep! Nature not only offers natural beauty but it’s also “free” with the gifts of giving! Experience the freshness in getting outdoors to hand pick nature elements for your table space. The theme of nature flows free with any style in the dining table. Enjoy collecting fresh aromatic greenery, crimson red berries, pine branches and cones or twig clippings for a basket centrepiece. You can gather wild flowers and herbs as that of lavender, baby’s breath, sage, rosemary or any other vegetation that’s indigenous to your region to adorn vases. There are many varieties from which to choose. Inviting the outdoors into your holiday scheme of things is well grounded for cultivating meaningful conversation!

Multiple DIY crafts can be found online for free like the ones offered by Wonderful DIY.

Create any of these unique themes either as a holiday “table topic” or to “keep the discussion going” by displaying it throughout the year! With these ideas on the table, you’ll find versatility is always in season!

We would love to see at Roomzly how inspired you became, so please feel free to send us pictures of your holiday table setting and written permission to publish them so in the New Year we will post the best pictures.

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