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6 Ways to Create a Magical Christmas Table

With Christmas well and truly upon us, it’s time to start thinking about how you will be decorating your dining table. During Christmas time, we tent to go all out, placing a lot of emphasis on decorations and food. By the time Christmas Day comes around, your home will already be full of decorations, Christmas trees and festive cheer. But just because your house is already decorated, it doesn’t mean you should neglect your dinner table. Make some plans in advance this year, to ensure your dinner table is truly ‘Instagrammable’.

Here at Roomzly, we want to emphasize the importance of analysing what you already have in your home, looking at the existing colour theme, and using local products from nature to bring an elegant flair to your Christmas Dinner. Have a look at our top 6 ways to create a Magical Christmas table this season.

Pick a colour theme

And stick to it. This could be Red, Green, or Gold which is very traditional. You may have decided this year to change up your Christmas Tree and have gone for a more modern and extravagant look, by choosing rose gold and copper for example. So make sure that your dinner table reflects this as well, by using rose gold cutlery and napkin holders.

Once you have your colour theme chosen, use different types of crockery and cutlery, and layer the different corresponding coloured plates on top of the other. To top off the display, choose a contrasting colour of napkin to be laid on top of the plates, to really add to the wow factor.

If you choose for example simple red and white stripes or tartan, include this colour theme and style to every aspect: from the tablecloth to the ribbons and the napkins. The same goes for when you go with a rustic theme – make sure that wood, pine cones and all things nature are involved – you could even consider using plates featuring nature scenes on them.

A few modern alternatives could be shades of purple and black, with accents of brighter colours.  This colour theme is sure to be a talking point for being different. Want to be a bit more unconventional? Why not use extremely bold table wear, to make the table look like an extravagant feast!

Details Matter

No matter which tablecloth you choose to use, make sure that it is ALWAYS ironed. This makes the look of your table come together and look tidy, even if you have decorated in a rush, and chosen simple decoration.

Even if you have no time to decorate with foliage and décor, always add candles! There is something about candles that always add a magical feeling to a home. Even if you are having a meal in the daytime, a high rising candle always adds a sense of light and joy. Additionally, you can add a mirror in the center piece where the candles are, to have a warm glowing reflection.

Since we are talking about lighting, don’t forget the use of fairy lights, as they surely add a wonderful touch, not just to your tree, but anywhere else in your home. It could be above a fireplace, around your windows, or on your staircase banister. Make your home both dreamy and romantic!

Make it personal

Take some time to add name cards which are handwritten to your Christmas table. Use ribbon or brown string to add them to wine glasses, napkins or even Christmas crackers. If you want to be a bit different, get some inexpensive Christmas baubles and write the names with glitter for a more luxe approach. Take that extra step and next to each name card, add a small gift – which could be anything from a small chocolate box to a little candle.

Talking about personalisation (and if you love baking!), why not make sugar covered cookies with your guest’s names on? Functional and yummy!

Use what you have at home

If you don’t plan to buy new plates with festive colours, then use other table decoration to accentuate the Christmas feel. For example, you could be repurposing cork place mats, and following with the more rustic theme of table design, and using similar elements such as wood. If you have a garden, make the most of what you have available by taking plants from the garden and recreating your own Christmas wreath for the centre piece.

Christmas is a great time to get crafty and make something yourself. It will be a great talking point and you will be proud of your home-made creation! Think, pine cones, branches and leaves! You could even add in luxurious fruits such as pomegranates, persimmons, and cranberries!

Now that your table is decorated, why not go a step further and decorate your chairs too? You could attempt wrapping them in ribbons that match your chosen colour theme. Or even add some beautiful festive greenery, which you can also source from your garden if you have one!

Perhaps you have a pair of velvet curtains? They will be the perfect backdrop for your dream Christmas setting. Knitted blankets and fluffy rugs can also help make things both cozy and festive for you and your guests. Not to mention Santa!

Look around for what you have at home that works with your theme, to make it cosy and warm-hearted.

Make it smell festive

If possible, choose candles which have a warm Christmas scent – something along the lines of cinnamon and pine cones. Christmas time is such an experiential event, so don’t forget about how it smells also. Add to this the smell of a cooking Turkey!

Another beautiful way to make it smell festive, is to add cloves to oranges or mandarins. Not only do they smell divine, but you could also use them as part of your table decoration – either spread out along the table or stacked up in a bowl.

Include conversations starters

Depending on who your guest is at your Christmas table, you could think about adding an extra experience, which will surely start conversations and create excitement. What about including Bingo cards, that can be played after dinner?

Or even cute invitations to a movie including popcorn after dinner? If kids are around the dinner table, you could think about mini colouring or playdoh sets for the young ones, and maybe a crossword puzzle for the older ones! And if all else fails, fun trivia games are always a winner!

Did you find these tips useful? We hope so! And we look forward to seeing your table creations – simply tag us on Instagram @roomzly, and we will be sharing our favourites! Have Fun and Be Merry!

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